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Stilbau - A company from northern Italy

Premium Design for you it means, to work together with one of the leading providers in the area object design. For executing your projects, we are able to access to a chameleonic and almost exhaustless range of products, which will be extended continuous with new and innovative ideas. Thereby we can afford you an optimum regarding to quality. As professional supplier in our line of business, we plan your projects optimal an effective, integrate our know-how and ideas, in close cooperation with you. Your contentedness after we have finished our work, is our destination.

Taking your interior and your own ideas into consideration we will plan an effective and optimal design for your rooms. With custom-made planters, artificial plants, palm trees, pictures and other design elements we will create a perfect atmosphere for comfortable living and working together with you.

In close cooperation with architects we create demanding, unique and individual objects. Our planning offers everything from one source. Also for given situations our comprehensive assistance is an advantage

Harmony between the human beings and their surrounding area. We use possibilities like the psychology of colours, the sounds of nature, for example running water and fragrances to create an extraordinary environment of recreation for our customers.

Artificial Rocks

Our artificial rocks are an alternative solution for natural heavyweights. Hand-crafted replications or rock-panels are true to nature copies. Nature offers us a variety of shapes: sandstone, granite, slate and a lot more. These nearly unlimited samples of characters, colours and different forms of stone are always a new challenge for our specialists to make a perfect copy.
StilBau's artificial rocks and rock panels are used for all sorts of applications. They are applied for example in swimming pools, wellness areas or different kinds of buildings.

The spectrum runs from free-standing rocks, paneling for buildings, tunnels, canyons, steam- or ice-grottos, caves out of dripstone, white-water rides up to gigantic rock masses. There are hardly any limits. Our fibre glass reinforced concrete may be installed on walls, ceilings or pillars.

You can use the artificial rock also for self-supporting constructions. There are hardly any problems with static because the rocks are so light-weight. In any building you can create a comfortable atmosphere.

Special characteristics of our true to original rock decorations:
product properties true to nature
fibre glass reinforced concrete
thickness of material between circa 10 to 40 mm
extra light-weight between around 20 to 40 kg/qm
of low flammability
very robust


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